Bottle B has been FOUND!!!

Bottle B, on the East Coast, has been found and claimed!!!

Bottle B was recently found around mid July 2021. After corresponding with the finder, they gave correct claim information, but had not explained the riddle correctly. They let us know that they had found it accidentally, while walking on the beach. They had stepped on something and dug it up. 

It is our belief that hurricane Elsa had probably removed alot of sand a few days before in that area. This scenario was always a possibility, when burying something on a public beach.
Here is what we have decided: 
We will award the bottle finder with the prizes for bottle B, as a token to let people know this hunt is legitimate. 
The finder of bottle B has chosen The Trevor Project, as the charity to receive a check for $250. 
We would like to give people on the East Coast another chance, so we have hidden a new bottle. This will officially be bottle “C”. All of the same rules apply to bottle C, that bottles A and B required, including filling out our Waiver to participate. Also to win the prize for bottles A and C, you must fill out all bottle claim information correctly, including explaining the riddle that corresponds to find each bottle. If someone finds the bottle accidentally in the future and can’t explain the riddle, we will offer a consultation prize: 1 Lost Bounty T shirt. This can be seen on our Etsy Website at our Lost Bounty shop. 
 To keep things flowing in a timely manner,  bottle C has been buried 2 feet deep on the same beach as bottle B, but at a different location. Even though the finder of bottle B is disqualified from winning anymore from this treasure hunt and can’t solve the riddle as of now, we will still try to level the playing field. We will narrow down the location as follows:
**** Hurricane Elsa probably affected the location of the bottle around lunch time on July 8th 2021****
To find the new location of the bottle, you will still need to follow riddle B to the end, then follow these 2 last cryptic instructions to know where to go from there. These instructions go in conjunction with riddle B.
**** 1. You need to know the number of the day they met.
**** 2. Once your confidence is reassured, you will be able to decode this message ::::
25-1-11-3-2,    18-21-3,   12-40-21-35-6-3-35,   17-3-21,   35-3-51-6-3-3-2,    3-2-3,   45-6-18-113,   18-60-35,   2-25-18-17,   17-12-3-21,   51-18,   8-1-11-20,   40-21-17-14-60,   17-12-3,   21-3-81,   11-60-18-2-3-2-17,   2-14-51-21,   1-60-14-51-21-2,   81-14-17-12,   60-14-51-12-17-12-18-40-2-3.
(It is a simple sentence that will be easy to decipher and follow, but it is not possible to decipher without physically being at the location).
If you follow all things correctly, you will be standing above bottle C. 
The prizes for Bottle C are as follows: 
1. $100 of our own money, to the finder’s charity of choice, that fits our criteria that we set for Bottles A and B.
2. A Chachapoyan Fertility idol with the base.
3. No personal money is available to the finder at this time, but feel free to set up your own fundraiser pledges for any charity you wish, and challenge others to find it 1st. 

Bottle A, on the West Coast, is still waiting to be found!

There is another prize addition to the Lost Bounty treasure hunt. Winners of bottles A and C will now be able to choose a fertility idol with the stand, or a Bones stalactite piano. 

 The idol is 1: 1 scale, about 7.5 inches tall, casted in resin, with glass irises. The base is about 3 inches tall by 11 inches in diameter.
 The piano stands at about an inch shy of 3 feet tall. Both rows of keys depress but do not actually activate the notes. The sound is produced by tubes that you supply air through, in timing with the key presses. 
 We are completing 2 copies of each type of prize, so both winners will get the same choice.


Riddle A:

Where ______ once _____, go along that way.

But make sure you rove, _____ in the ______.

Head in the ______, the one main thing’s ______  ______.

Then make a ______, and go abreast the boundary many ______.

Stop where it’s the proper place to ______, and find 2 things nearby that make______.

Go 44 paces from the one that’s _____, the one ______ thing will ______ you ______.

The final part of the treasure’s quest, is waiting now right ______ you.

Riddle B:

Take ______, but do not ______.

Now recede, from where they ______.

Don’t sit there and ______, you will not be lead  ______.

Find a ______ of ______,  by an ______ passageway.

Then go ______ paces straight ______, and find your 2 ______.

______ to hope with no ______, until all of the things ______.

Where you be ______ about,  the ______ you will now find.

Missing Words:

Released: Oct. 15 2020

List A:


List B:



10/18/2020 – Hint 1: Both riddle’s themes are based on Pirates.

10/25/2020 – Hint 2: Riddle A is fiction. Riddle B is on the East Coast. The final part of both riddles cannot be solved unless you physically go on location.

11/01/2020 – Hint 3:  For both riddles, you will not end up exactly near the starting point. If you can figure out the best place in both riddles to enter each beach, you won’t have far to walk. A Forum has just been set up on our site to help in addition to the normal hints.

11/08/2020 – Hint 4: Rest does not refer to sleep. Cling is not physical.

11/15/2020 – Hint 5: 1 of the 2 things; its mark shall stand the test of time. Part of the misspells, spell part of the names.

11/22/2020 – Hint 6: Riddle A: During the final locating process, there could be complications due to the location of other people. Be diligent if you feel like you’re in the right place. 

Riddle B: The word treasure (plural) can help reassure your confidence, during the final locating process.

3/22/2021 – Hint 7: Both bottles have a larger object buried on top of them. This should help make locating them easier.

Some States that do not contain the bottles are: Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Georgia, Florida, and Washington State. Both bottles are still waiting to be found.

7/15/2021 – Hint 8: The West Coast riddle is easier in the beginning but harder in the end. Riddle A: You will know which one is best once you find both things.

When digging, to help with the room for error, try digging further out or shorter than the number of paces you reach. Retake your paces multiple times to get an average. Keep alignment in mind, but be willing to sway a small amount.

12/9/21- Hint 9: Riddle A: Process of elimination can help to the very end. 

Riddle C: Met equals confrontation.

12/9/21 – Hint 10: Bottles A and C, If you strongly feel like you are in the correct spot and can’t find the bottle, contact us through the forum. Send pics of the final items or other objects to verify your justification. Just remember to do it in a way that proves the items are correct, but cryptic enough that doesn’t give away your hard work. Be creative. We will try to steer you in the right direction and away from wrong directions. We will sometimes respond in subtle ways, so you’ll have to read between the lines. The reasons we won’t say it in obvious terms, is protect your hard work, and not give help that is too easy. This is to prevent any unfair advantage.
As of 2022: All hints from this point forward will now be posted on our website. It will be under the post: Treasure hunt hints continued. You can still post questions here in our forums, but we’ll probably respond faster in the Treasure hunt hints continued post.
** Bonus Hint **
We have recently checked on the 2 bottle sites for accuracy and to see how the test bottles held up. Originally, we were going to replace the 2 older bottles with the new ones. We have decided to leave both the old and new bottles to increase the chances of finding them. This should help offset some of the room for error, during the final locating process.
There is still only 1 winner per location, but either bottle can be submitted to win. The 1st bottle to be submitted correctly, in that area, will be the winner. After confirmation by us is made, the other bottle in that area immediately becomes null and void.
There is still only 1 winner possible for the East Coast bottle, and only 1 winner possible, for the West Coast bottle.

The Hunt:

There are 2 bottles with messages buried somewhere in the United States.

The messages contain items and instructions on how to claim the A or B treasure.

One bottle is located in an East coast beach. The other bottle is located in a West coast beach.

Both bottles are buried exactly 2 feet down, about an arm’s reach from outside the hole.

Both bottles are buried in a spot safe and legal to dig. Both locations are safe and legal for public access.

Both bottles cannot be found by a metal detector. There are no metal objects in them.

When digging; make room for error, do not leave holes unattended, and cover holes up when finished.

There are 2 riddles to solve to reveal the locations of each bottle.

Riddle A finds 1 of the bottles, riddle B finds the other bottle.

The riddles have missing words. The missing words will be posted in 2 separate lists at a later date. (List A and List B).

Take all the words from List A or List B, and arrange them correctly in one of the riddles to make sense.

Do not interchange List A’s words with List B’s words. List A goes with one riddle, and List B goes with the other riddle.

Both riddles are based on the same general type of theme.

One riddle is based on fact, the other is based on fiction.

If the bottles are not found by certain time increments, more hints will be added.

Try to narrow down the location as best you can before physically going there. As soon as you feel like you have a good idea where to start walking from, don’t hesitate to go. We believe these bottles will be found in a short amount of time.
Please make safety a priority for yourself and others. Please respect all laws, rules, people, nature, and property while participating in the hunt. Failure to do so, can result in forfeiture of winning eligibility.

Everyone must fill out and agree to the Liability Waiver and Release Form, to be permitted and eligible to participate in this contest, and to be eligible to win this contest.

Any prize money will be generated by donations. Donors can donate to the treasure hunt cause, which will get split evenly 4 ways between the 2 bottle finders and 2 charities. People can donate directly to charities instead. You do not need to donate to play, but the more participation, the bigger the prize and help to charities. Time helping charities is as good as money too. We do not keep any prize money.

The 1st person to find each bottle wins!

Happy Hunting!

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