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The Adventure Awaits!

Experience the thrill of a realistic treasure hunt with Lost Bounty.

A treasure hunt that you can set up anywhere for families, friends, events, and fundraisers. Solve riddles using a treasure map and clues to find a buried treasure.

Map and Clues

Lost Bounty DIY Treasure Hunt Digital Download version. This is a DIY outdoor treasure hunt that can be set up anywhere! Hide a set of clues that leads to a treasure! As real as it gets!

-Clues for adults and kids!
-Works with a compass!
-Functional map that interacts with the clues!
-The treasure can even be buried! There’s a clue that retrieves it with an “x marks the spot” technique!

The hunt comes with a Treasure Map, Instructions, and 48 Clues. All you need is your own Treasure, Compass, and Shovel!

* Before purchasing the Lost Bounty Map and Clues please note that this product does not contain any information that will help in solving the Coast to Coast hunt riddles.

Join the Lost Bounty Coast to Coast Treasure Hunt

We have hidden 2 bottles with messages somewhere in the United States. One on an east Coast beach; one on a West Coast beach. Each bottle has it’s own riddle to solve that will lead to it’s location. Solve the riddle and find the treasure! The treasure is a percent of donations generated for the cause!

The Treasure!

Donation period is now finished. The total prize money, after go fund me fees, is $968.58. We will cover our expenses and round it up to an even $1000, to be split four ways. That will be $250 before taxes, for each share.

The Treasure will be determined by donations to our GoFundMe campaign.

Donate below to the treasure hunt prize pools. No purchase or donation necessary to participate.

All donations will be divided evenly (4) ways; 1/4 to each winner and 1/4 to each winners choice of charity. Each winner will get to pick 1 charity of their choice to be the recipient of 1/4 of the total donations. The charity must be: In well standing, focused on national or international levels, and it’s mission in one of the following areas: Coronavirus Relief, Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Government Reform, Health Issues, Colonialism Reparations, Localism Projects, Agricultural Projects, or Humanitarian Efforts.
The treasure amount will be at least the amount pledged in the GoFundMe minus expenses to setup the hunt. Once we confirm the actual start date we will end the fundraiser the day before and post the total prize money on the website. The hunt will officially start the next day. Our projected start date is October 15th, 2020 when we will release the missing words for the two riddles, and the hunt will officially begin.

*No purchase necessary. All donations will go directly to the winner(s) and charities; excluding any expenses and fees. The Lost Bounty Treasure Map and Clues will not help in solving the riddles or finding the bottles.

Treasure Progress

The Treasure (Part 2)

Since we are just a hair shy of reaching our go fund me goal, we would to like to offer a second treasure to play for.

We would like to offer any charity, (that fits the criteria listed in our first treasure), to feel free to use this activity as a direct fundraiser to their own organization. There are only 2 requirements.
1. The nonprofits have to let their supporters know, that everyone who participates in this hunt, must sign our waiver on our website.
2. The nonprofits need to keep track of which donations are being donated to their organization due to this activity.
Why? The person or group that donates the most to the nonprofit that is associated with each bottle finder will get to be included in part 2 of the treasure. We will do an article or news story for:
1. Both people that find the bottles.
2. Each of the 2 charities they play for, that meets our criteria.
3. The highest donor to each of those 2 charities on behalf of this activity.
The other part of this 2nd treasure is: The 2 bottle finders, the 2 charities, and the 2 highest donors can pitch 1 personal thing and mention 1 local charity of their choice in the news story. Any of the 3 parties mentioned above, can opt out of any of this, if they choose.
This 2nd treasure is contingent on us getting a news source that’s willing to do a story.
Whether we get a news source to do a story or not, the charities that fit our criteria can still use our activity to raise money directly to their organization.
So please get the word out to the charities, and charities get the word out to your supporters.

Get in touch

*We will not respond to any questions that ask for more help with the coast to coast hunt.