Lost Bounty Contest Liability Waiver and Release/Registration Eligibility Form.

I (the participant in the contest), by signing this form, agree to all of the terms below:

1. That I understand that participating in this physical treasure hunt contest is totally voluntary and carries with it certain inherent risks from things that cannot be eliminated such as, but not limited to: Vehicles, road conditions, weather, terrain, environment, wildlife, physical objects, personal health conditions, personal actions, and the actions of other people. 

2. That I assume all risks and responsibilities by participating in this contest. Also that I accept that there can only be 2 winners total in this contest, and there is no guarantee, only a possibility, that I will win.

3. That I release and forever discharge Lostbounty.net (the conductor of this contest) its owners, all persons, entities, parties, and companies associated with making this contest possible, of and from all liability, costs, damages, expenses, claims, demands, actions, and causes of actions in respect to death, injury, loss or damage to myself or my property, or loss or damage to others or others’ property. I also agree that this Liability Waiver and Release shall be interpreted under broad enough terms to provide a waiver and release, that is valid to the maximum extent possible under applicable law. 

4. That I agree to conduct myself in accordance with all applicable laws, and to interact with all people, places, and things, in a respectful manner, while participating in this contest. Failure to do so, can be cause for forfeiture of winning eligibility.

5. That I understand that I must be at least 18 years old, and must sign this Liability Waiver and Release to be permitted and eligible to participate in, and to be eligible to win this contest.

6. That I confirm that I am at least 18 years old and I have carefully read this Liability Waiver and Release and fully understand its contents.

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