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    JimD LostB

    I wanted to talk about treasure hunting experiences in general, so maybe something might come up that helps with these hunts.

    I’ve had alot of fun with treasure hunting in the past, searching for treasures based on old tales, and the more recent Forrest Fenn treasure. There’s been ups and downs along the way, but it’s the challenges that have made it worthwhile. Trying to solve riddles, to the actual boots on the ground searches, have made many great experiences.

    What I’ve learned so far is; that a riddle can be interpreted in many different ways and still make sense. The only way to get it right is trial and error, until you hit the right one. Whether you get it right or not, the thrill of the hunt is a reward in itself.

    If anyone has got some good treasure hunting experiences and advice, feel free to share.

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