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    JimD LostB

    What is Synchronicity? It’s when an unbelievable coincidence happens that makes you feel the Universe is giving you a sign.

    Before I set up the Coast to Coast hunt, I spent some limited free time searching for the Forest Fenn treasure, located somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. Even though I wasn’t the person who found it, the experience and feeling of adventure was well worth it.

    During my attempts, I knew someone would eventually find it and the fun would be over, and I decided to set up my own hunt. I wanted people to be able to continue the fun of adventure.

    I spent about a year coming up with the 2 locations, designing the hunt, and creating the riddles. Then in 2019, I luckily had some free time open up, and I took a cross country road trip, to make this happen.

    I completed a trip from the East Coast to the West Coast, and back. Along the way, I stopped to look for the Forest Fenn Treasure one more time.

    So, I’m in the mountains of New Mexico, looking for Fenn’s Treasure. I’m alone, so I thought carrying bear spray would be a good idea. During the process of climbing over rocks, the safety fell off of the bear spray and it discharged into my upper leg and soaked my shorts. The few seconds of delay in pain gave me time to debate; should I walk back with my shorts and underwear on or off?

    Free Willy!

    I got back to my car, rinsed with bottled water as best as I could, and back on the road I went. I got a few miles down a secluded dirt road and my tire pops. At thus point I’m changing a flat in 99 degress and leg on fire. Now this is the fun part. You know how people tell you not to touch your eyes when handling spicy things? Well I came to the conclusion that I must have wiped sweat from my eyes and adjusted myself a few times, prior to the pain setting in to verify.

    Now I’m back on the road and on the longest desolate stretch of highway possible, trying to see, and trying not to think about my junk being on fire. It’s funny how inflicting pain on Boss Hog and the Duke Boys can put you in a place of introspection. Was this trip really a good idea? But my main thought was to just find any facility with running water, in middle of this desert state.

    That didn’t pan out until Colorado.

    So, now I’m back on track to the hunt I set out to work on. I got to the West Coast location where I wanted to hide the first bottle. I didnt know exactly on this beach where the spot would be yet, because I had never been there before. I was worried prior to getting there, that I wouldn’t find a good spot, but I had thus feeling that I was meant to do this. It gave me faith that it would all work out, and to just trust in the process.

    Now, here’s where the synchronicity kicked in. On the beach, I was looking for 2 objects that could be used as references for the hiding spot. They needed to be practical, and at least semi permanent. While searching, I saw a woman sitting on the beach with her son, and she was wearing a Jack Sparrow pirate hat. I thought that was odd, but kept walking past her, working on the task at hand.

    I couldn’t find anything good, until I decided to walk directly behind her in a straight line and there it was, the perfect reference object! Now this is weird because: 1. Women don’t usually wear pirate hats at beach, and she looked normal. 2. My hunt is pirate themed. 3. The object is so good, nothing else could compare.

    The next amazing coincidence was when I returned a year later to the same spot to check on the original bottle and bury the replacement bottle. I was waiting for dusk, but not too dark, to bury the 2nd bottle, so I could be descreet. When I was walking my final paces towards the main object for alignment, right above that object was the Big Dipper. It was low in the sky, barely above the object, and the largest I had ever seen it before. Even more amazing was that the front 2 stars of the Big Dipper were at dead center above the main object, pointing directly up to the North Star! I witnessed this in late September of 2020, so if you can figure out where this spot is, and go there around the same time, you can see it for yourself.

    I had other coincidences with the 2nd bottle I buried on the East Coast. Weird objects had washed up on shore pointing to the best reference objects to use at that location. I returned to the East Coast 2 more times, and during the 3rd time, (bottle C), another object had washed up on shore, helping me out again.

    I’m now a firm believer that synchronicity exists, and taking an adventure may help bring it out. I believe that when you are on the path of doing something worth while, the Universe conspires to help you out. That’s probably why great songs and movies have a valuable message somewhere in them. They’ve turned out so great because the Universe wants to entice you to get that message.

    I also firmly believe that bear spray is highly effective.

    I wonder if making an effort or taking any chance like an adventure, is the requirement for synchronicity to happen. As a bonus, taking adventure is alot of fun. Probably because: 1 You have to be in the moment. 2. You have to have faith that you will be alright, during the unknown, as it unfolds. 3. You have to have hope for a desired outcome.

    Maybe we all are coming to a point in life that requires a new adventure. By changing our lifestyles to a localism model, maybe we can find an alternative to the current system we live in. By taking a chance into the unknown, we may find a real sense of purpose that can keep us going. Its got to be more hopeful and exciting then continuing with the status quo, and hoping the current sysyem won’t crap out. If you believe it is all going to crap out, what do we have to lose?

    We just need to have enough people working in solidarity and put differences aside to make a change. When we have the minimum amount of people required and with enough faith in ourselves each other, we will have what it takes to have genuine hope that makes change possible. The hope will help drive us to see things through. If we’re on the right path, maybe synchronicity will let us know.

    P.S. The head of the snake is the central banks and their owners.

    If you have any personal synchronicity stories, please share. Thanks.


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