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    JimD LostB

    2024 We will continue hints from this post forward and continue the hunt from this website, unless we state otherwise. Lost Bounty 2 website is currently down.

    * A spelling error in one of the words of riddle B was discovered by a forum contributer. The word is spelled ” lead ” and is incorrect. It should have been spelled ” led ” to mean the past tense of lead. We left Riddle B with the mistake so the mistake can be found.

    5/25/22 – Hint 11: Riddle A: Something in the structure of both riddles can help coincidentally, with the final locating process.

    Riddle C: Having a digital compass with great accuracy on your phone, will be helpful in the end.

    5/21/23 – Hint 12: Riddle A: Best = more convenient for your final paces towards the main object.

    Riddle C: When going from the position where bottle ” B ” was to where bottle ” C ” is buried, you should end up further away from the shoreline.

    JimD LostB

    7/1/24: Hint – 13: Riddles A and C: The object buried above both bottles are almost the size of a dinner plate.

    7/1/24: Hint – 14: Riddle A: Think absolutes (can / can not) for the location of the 1 thing thats best, based on practicality of completing the riddle correctly.

    Riddle C: There are actually 3 signs when you cling to hope, but from your vantage point, you will only see 2. They are the ones that matter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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