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    JimD LostB

    The LostBounty2 website has been taken down, without my consent, probably due to my posts that are anti establishment. My posts promote localism as an alternative lifestyle to make healthier change for the future. The hunt is still active at this site, and will run indefinitely, unless posted otherwise.


    A. __________  ___________  to  B.  RESET  NATION  for  C.  _________  __________ .

    Bottle B was found around mid July 2021. Bottles A and C are still waiting to be found. Once they are found I will post their secret words. Also, I want to make clear that the words RESET NATION are not in any way to be interpreted as The Great Reset. In fact, its meant to have the exact opposite meaning.

    Here is a question that I’m sure some of you have; As time passes, how can I guarantee that the 2 bottles are still at their hiding spots. My answer is; There’s no guarantee that the botttles are there any time after I leave their locations, but I can guarantee there will still be 2 more winners. How? Because since I can’t be at the hiding spots at all times to verify they are still there, all you have to do is a few things to satisfy the requirements of the treasure hunt.

    1. Solve riddle A or C until the end and physically go to the location.

    2. Attempt at least 5 digs 2 feet down.

    3. Take pics to prove your location and a pic of at least 1 dig, then explain the meaning of the riddle until the end.

    The point is the beat the riddle and find the correct spot. Whether you find the bottle or not, you will win!

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